Productivity Tools for Thinking People

Bone Desert Software Limited (Bone Desert) was formed, in the United Kingdom, by Ian Dodd to deliver Productivity Tools For Thinking People.

What does this vision mean and who does it target ?
The world is filled with thinking people. Perhaps working for themselves, in a corporate entity or collaborating in some form of collective. All are creative, imaginative and professional in their attitude to their work and the value they deliver to their clients.

Productivity Tools for Thinking People is the collective name for a suite of applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac OSX that deliver on this vision - Enabling our Users to "Deliver More While Doing Less". Applications that increase productivity, increase an individuals yield whilst reducing the Level of Effort (LOE) necessary to deliver a piece of work. Increased yield means you have more time to seek additional chargeable work and grow your business.

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Think About It for iPhone - Your Decision Assistant.

Think About It for iPhone is designed to ease the process of decision making for you.

Using a tried and tested workflow, you will make better decisions simply by thinking more about what your decision entails.

You can use Think About It to help make all sorts of decisions at home and in the workplace whether assisting with purchase decisions or deciding between alternative courses of action.

Think About It has it own website totally dedicated to this amazing new product.